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stepmom with no kids of her own walking down path with stepchild

Being a Stepmom with No Kids of Your Own

Being a stepmom with no kids of your own is one of the hardest situations a woman can be put in, and there are very few resources out there to support and advise this very niche group. As someone who’s in this exact situation, I thought I would share my stories, struggles, and advice to…
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dating someone with a kid in your 20s text over picture of child playing with blocks

Dating Someone with a Kid in Your 20’s

Thinking about dating someone with a kid in your 20’s? Learn about my story, the pros and cons to dating someone with a child, coparenting, feelings of jealousy and more.

dance club with people dancing and disco ball

The Dancing Dilemma (And Why the World Needs Girls-Only Dance Clubs)

Ladies, let me ask you something: If you’re in a serious, committed relationship, do you feel guilty or uncomfortable going out dancing with friends without your significant other? And men, do you feel uncomfortable or upset when your girlfriend or wife spends a night out dancing without you? Is it dependent on the friends she’s…
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